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130+ Ways to Make Extra Money on the Side (+ 5 Side Gigs to Avoid)


Whether you’re looking to pay off debt, save for a downpayment, or just put a little more flex in your budget, pretty much everyone could use extra money.

But finding the time to earn extra money on the side can be tough.

Not to mention how much extra you’re looking to earn can make a big difference in what type of work you are willing to do on the side.

Today, I’m going to help you with both to make sure you go after the right side gig for you.

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I took the time to break down what you should consider in order to be successful making money on the side and list out over 130 ways you can make extra money on the side. Guaranteed you’ll find at least one that would work for you.

Having a Solid Reason for Earning Money on The Side Will Help You Stay Motivated

Making extra money on the side means you’re doing more work, because it’s on the side. Which means you have to have a really really good reason for wanting to make that extra money.

A clear goal, including how much you want to earn to go along with why you want to earn it can act as a reminder when the going gets tough.

Are you saving to get a house? Put up a picture of your dream house (and the price), with the required down payment and make it something you see every day so when you go off to do the work on the side you’re excited about what you’re doing.

Wanting to pay off debt, debt sucks (I know) but wanting to get out of debt isn’t enough, why do you want to get out of debt? In what ways is debt holding you back? Knowing that will keep you motivated to keep hustling to make that extra money on the side. Then it’s just a matter of how much you want to put toward your debt each month and BAM! you’ve got you goal amount.

Looking to put your budget at ease? Get specific. What would it mean for you to not have to stress about your budget each month? What are the negative impacts of that stress each month that you’re looking to alleviate? Write it down, know why it is you are doing the extra work to earn the extra money.

A conscious decision about your preferred work environment will quickly narrow down the list

This post lists over 130 ways to make extra money on the side. It’s a long list and going through everything could take a long time. But if you have some idea what kind of work you’re looking for, you’ll be able to quickly and easily narrow down the list.

Do you want to work offline or online? Indoors or outdoors? Work from home or go to another location? Be in control of how much work you take on or report to someone else’s schedule?

There is no wrong answer, it’s just a matter of what will work best for you and your goal to make extra money.

Decide how much time you have to work on the side

I promise you, if you’re currently only working one full-time job, you have the time to make some extra money on the side. Though you have to decide how much of your free time your willing to sacrifice to earn that extra money.

Consider how much time you spend watching TV or playing a video game, then do less of that, voila! You’ve found time in your schedule to earn money on the side.

Chose a Side Hustle and Take action on a side gig

All that is left to do is pick a side gig and go after it. While I’ve outlined some basic information on some of the side gigs below, if you want to learn more about working a side gig, be sure to sign up for the FREE Side Gig Summit.

An online conference with 25+ Side Gig experts sharing their personal stories and secrets for succeeding with a side gig. (note the 2018 Side Gig Summit is over, but you can sign up to be the first to learn about the 2019 Summit.)

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1. Become a BeachBody Coach and Get Paid to Live Healthy 

If you’re a fan of BeachBody, consider becoming a BeachBody coach, you’ll get discounts on new products and have the opportunity to earn money by helping others. You can learn more about what it’s like to be a BeachBody coach from my friend, Tovah. But be wary, it's a little MLM-lite.

Difficulty: Hard

Earnings: Depends on how hard you work

Online/Offline: Offline

2. Sell Stuff on eBay to Earn Hundreds Every Month

My friend Jason from The Butler Journal routinely makes hundreds every month buying stuff at thrift stores and then selling it on eBay. He usually spends about 10 hours a week working on it.

You can learn more about how Jason makes money selling stuff on eBay during his session of the Side Gig Summit, which airs Tuesday, August 28th. You can also check out this post to find out how he got started.

Difficulty: Medium

Earnings: Depends on how well you know your market

Online/Offline: Both, buy offline, sell online

3. Make Your Car Pay for Itself by Driving for Lyft or Uber

If you like to drive, start getting paid for it. Sign up for Lyft and/or Uber and start earning money within a couple of weeks. Learn everything you need to know about becoming a Lyft Driver. Bonus, you can usually earn a bonus by completing a certain number of rides within the first 30 days of being a driver. 

Learn more about being a ride share driver from Anthony Kirlew at the FREE Side Gig Summit

Difficulty: Easy

Earnings: Average of $20/hour

Online/Offline: Offline

4. Avoid people in your car and still make money with your car with Amazon Flex

If you like driving but are not interested in shuttling around drunks, then Amazon Flex could be just ticket. Amazon Flex drivers deliver Prime Now orders, so it is limited to cities that offer Prime Now. You still get the opportunity to earn tips but you don’t have to worry about keeping your car super clean. 

Difficulty: Easy

Earnings: Upwards of $15/hour

Online/Offline: Offline

5. Make People Happy By Bringing Them Stuff with PostMates

PostMates delivery drivers can make around $18 an hour and you don’t necessarily have to have a car, a bike works too. So you could potentially be paid to ride your bike around delivering stuff, typically, take out, groceries, and booze. 

Difficulty: Easy

Earnings: Upwards of $18/hour

Online/Offline: Offline

6. Do a Favor, Get Paid

Be a personal assistant with Favor on your terms. Work around your schedule, so long as you have an iPhone or Android and live in a city served by Favor you can make money as a runner on Favor

Difficulty: Easy

Earnings: Depends on the jobs you do

Online/Offline: Offline

7. Pull Double Duty Grocery Shopping with Instacart

You have to go grocery shopping anyway so why not do someone else’s grocery shopping too and get paid? Instacart lets users order their groceries and then Instacart shoppers do the shopping and deliver the groceries. 

Difficulty: Easy

Earnings: Varies

Online/Offline: Offline

8. Advertise on Your Car

There are a number of companies that will pay you to put an ad on your car for a set period of time. it’s a pretty simple and easy way to make some extra money. 

Difficulty: Easy

Earnings: $100/month

Online/Offline: Offline

9. Make Money Hanging Out with Dogs

You can start dog walking for neighbors or sign up on a service like Rover. I currently do both and have made upwards of $100/week just doing lunchtime walks. You could also do dog sitting for easily $30/night. 

Related: A Guide to Earning Money with Rover

Learn more about starting a dog walking and sitting business from Melissa the Coach at the FREE Side Gig Summit

Difficulty: Medium

Earnings: Varies, I've earned over $100/week at times

Online/Offline: Offline

10. Just show up and do the work with a retail job

Retail is great because most stores expect part-time workers and it’s not unusual for their employees to have availability for just nights and weekends. It’s great because you really just have to show up and do the work and then call it a day. So it’s low responsibility, but it could also mean lower pay compared to some of the other ways to make money on this list.

Difficulty: Easy

Earnings: Usually Minimum Wage

Online/Offline: Offline

11. Have close encounters with football stars working stadium security

I used to work stadium security at Gillette Stadium. It was a great gig because while it was a weekend job it wasn’t an every weekend job. And there was actually work year round with concerts and other events. So it wasn’t just during football season. If you live near a stadium check their website for job fairs and sign up.

Difficulty: Easy

Earnings: $100/game

Online/Offline: Offline

12. Sell stuff that is literally falling into your yard

Crazy as it sounds people will buy things like fall leaves. This is a particularly good side job if you live in the New England area. One company will pay $1/perfect leaf.  Bricks of snow is another route to make money from stuff literally falling into your yard.

Difficulty: Medium

Earnings: $1/leaf

Online/Offline: Offline

13. Put those photos on your phone to good use and sell them

If you are great at taking pictures, then you could make some money from them. Even just great photos made with your phone could earn you money. Same goes for videos you make. Perhaps the easiest way is through the Foap app on your phone, they share the profit with you 50/50.

Difficulty: Easy

Earnings: Varies, could be $0 if none sell

Online/Offline: Online

14. Get Paid Selling phones you don’t use anymore

If you’ve upgraded your phone lately, then make sure you cash in on your old one. Depending on how old the phone you’re selling is you can easily make a couple hundred dollars. This is especially true when you switch brands. When I decided to buy a Microsoft product, they were paying for people to get rid of apple products, so I got rid of an old iPhone and got paid $200.

Difficulty: Easy

Earnings: $50-200

Online/Offline: Offline

15. Clear the clutter in your home and make money from old CDs and DVDs

Decluttr makes it easy to clear that clutter for cash. Simply put in the barcode number and they’ll give you a price. Ship the items to them via media mail (it’s cheaper if they don’t provide you with a shipping label), and they’ll send you a check. Easy peasy. 

Difficulty: Easy

Earnings: Up to a few dollars for each.

Online/Offline: Offline

16. Make space on your bookshelf by selling books you’ll never read again

I’m going to come at you with some tough love. I know all the books you have look lovely on your book shelves, but if you have books you are never going to reread or that have been sitting on your shelf for over a year, you should get rid of them.

BookScouter makes it easy to find out which site will pay you the most for your books. You can either use their app and scan your book’s barcodes, or type the barcodes in. 

Difficulty: Easy

Earnings: Depends how many books you sell

Online/Offline: Online

17. Get your creative on and make money selling on Etsy

If you like to make stuff either physical or digital products, Etsy can be a great marketplace for those items. There is a low listing fee (just .20 cents per listing for 30 days). Then when you get the order, ship it out and get paid.

Difficulty: Medium/hard

Earnings: Varies

Online/Offline: Online

18. Get paid for you art with Redbubble

Are you an artist? Keep the ownership rights to your art but also make money from it with Redbubble. Decide what items you want your art on to sell, for example, a cell phone case. You’ll get a margin of sales that you decide on and Redbubble handles the rest. No making cell phone cases for you.

Difficulty: Medium

Earnings: Varies

Online/Offline: Online

19. Design T-shirts and then let Amazon Merch do the rest while you get paid. 

Is there anything Amazon doesn’t do? Well with Amazon Merch, all you have to do is come up with a t-shirt design and upload it to the Amazon Merch platform. If someone buys your t-shirt design you get a cut of the profits.

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Earnings: Varies, upwards of $15/shirt sold

Online/Offline: Online

20. Sell even more T-shirts with another platform, Tee Spring

Similar to Amazon Merch, Tee-Spring lets you create t-shirts by uploading a design, though they are limited in how long the shirts are available for sale. One person, made $100,000 doing this

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Earnings: Varies

Online/Offline: Online

21. Make sweet sweet cash selling items with your photos on them with Cafepress

Maybe you’re not a traditional artist but you still take great pictures - make some extra money with ​CafePress. Open your own online shop and design and sell merchandise. The more you sell, the more you’ll earn with Cafepress’s bonus structure. 

Difficulty: Medium

Earnings: Varies

Online/Offline: Online

22. Let people buy your art on their chosen “canvas” with Society6

Similar to Cafepress or Teespring, with Society6 you can sell products with your artwork on them while retaining the rights to your work. Sell anything from bath mats to hoodies to mugs and backpacks. It’s a long list of eligible products. 

Difficulty: Medium

Earnings: Varies

Online/Offline: Online

23. Put some Zazzle in your life and money in your wallet

Zazzle is all about personalized gifts, custom products and decor’. It’s kind of a cross between Society6, Etsy, and Shutterfly. You can create your own things to buy or design products to sell.

Difficulty: Medium

Earnings: Varies

Online/Offline: Online

24. Love paper folding? Get paid to wrap presents during the holidays, or birthdays, or wedding season...

If you’re like me and you take true pleasure in wrapping a present just right, why not get paid to do it? Believe it or not, not all people are good at wrapping gifts and some of those people are willing to pay others to do it for them. This is probably most profitable during the winter holidays but wedding season and birthdays could be another great way to make this a year round business. To get started just tell everyone you know it’s something you do, set a price, and maybe share some pictures of your mad wrapping skills.

Difficulty: Medium

Earnings: Up to you

Online/Offline: Offline

25. Sell your wares at craft fairs

If you’re selling on Etsy already why not take that hustle offline? Etsy in particular makes this easy to do, you can sell your item in person with the Etsy app. Making it easy to accept credit cards and it ensures the inventory listed on Etsy stays up-to-date. Check Craigslists and local community bulletin boards to find out about upcoming craft fairs then contact the organizer about getting a booth. The cost of a booth can vary widely from $50 to thousands of dollars depending on the size of the fair. 

Difficulty: Hard

Earnings: Up to You

Online/Offline: Offline

26. Spread holiday cheer and get paid to put up Christmas lights

Lots of people love having Christmas lights up (sometimes year round ) but not everyone is capable of putting them up, if you are offer to do it for them in exchange for payment. Start with your neighbors and then branch out as word of mouth gets around.

Difficulty: Medium

Earnings: Up to You

Online/Offline: Offline

27. Start a Christmas Tree Farm

This takes a bit more effort and long term investment. But Christmas trees have to come from somewhere, why not your patch of land. In the same way you could grow pumpkins for halloween.

Difficulty: Hard

Earnings: Potentially Thousands

Online/Offline: Offline

28. Sit in front of the TV and complete online surveys

Perhaps the easiest way to make extra money with online surveys. They don’t typically pay a lot but if your strategic you could earn a couple hundred bucks a month.

Difficulty: Easy

Earnings: $5-$200/month

Online/Offline: Online

29. Sell your meal plans

If you’re religious about meal planning, you could help others save time by selling your meal plans. Do it on your own site or you could even sell them on a place like Etsy.

Difficulty: Easy

Earnings: $10-$20/customer/week

Online/Offline: Both

30. Self publish a book and put “Author” next your name

Self publishing is a big industry these days. Michelle from Michelle is Money Hungry recently made over $400 after deciding to write a romance novel on a whim. Amazon Kindle Direct is how she managed it.

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Earnings: Varies

Online/Offline: Online

31. Record your chats and start a podcast

Podcasting is in no way a get rich quick scheme. But if you enjoy podcasting and are willing to put in the work you can absolutely make some extra money on the side. Be it through sponsorships, ads on your podcast site, or selling a product yourself.

Difficulty: Hard

Earnings: Up to You

Online/Offline: Online

32. Get paid make videos with a YouTube Channel

Similar to podcasting it can take time to start making money with YouTube. In fact, they require you to have 1,000 subscribers before you can monetize with ads. But that doesn’t mean you can’t monetize in other ways like with affiliate marketing.

To learn more about how to make money with YouTube sign up for the FREE Side Gig Summit and catch Tasha from One Big Happy Life’s session. She makes thousands a month from YouTube on the side

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Earnings: Potentially thousands/month

Online/Offline: Online

34. Let Amazon Do the Heavy Lifting and Get Paid with Amazon FBA

Just because there is a Target near you doesn’t mean there is a Target near everyone. And where do people go to shop when they can’t get something near them? Amazon. [link] As an Amazon FBA seller you shop for deals, send them into Amazon and then get paid when they sell. FBA stands for Fulfilled by Amazon, so you don’t have to deal with shipping out orders or customer service

​Tyler Philbrook from I Am The Future Me started doing Amazon FBA on the side and now does it full time. You can learn how to get started with Amazon FBA from him. during the Side Gig Summit, go register now, it’s free.

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Earnings: Potentially thousands

Online/Offline: Both

34. Become a Remote Customer Service Rep


Difficulty: Medium

Earnings: $15/hour

Online/Offline: Online

101 More Ways to Make Extra Money On the Side

  1. Become a Remote Customer Service Rep

  2. Make Money With Your Computer By Completing Task as a Mechanical Turk

  3. Judge Other People’s Websites by Becoming a Tester on Usertesting

  4. Get Paid to Play Video Games

  5. Decide Your Own Rates for Gigs on Fiverr

  6. Make Hundreds on the Side with Freelance Writing

  7. Design Web Pages on the Side

  8. Flex Your Creative Muscles with Graphic Design

  9. Get Your Spreadsheet Nerd On, Doing Bookkeeping on the Side

  10. Get Paid to Watch and Then Edit Videos

  11. Transcribe Audio

  12. Draft Podcast Show Notes

  13. Make Money Speaking with Voice Acting

  14. Proofreading

  15. Work as an Administrative VA

  16. Spend All Your Time on Social Media Making Money as a Social Media VA

  17. Become a Pinterest VA 

  18. Email Marketing VA

  19. Manage Other People’s Blogs

  20. Moderate Facebook Groups and Other Online Communities

  21. Create Custom Content Upgrades for Bloggers

  22. Technical VA

  23. Get Paid to Hand Out Free Stuff as a Brand Ambassador

  24. Live for Free as a House Sitter

  25. Property Manager

  26. Referee

  27. Makeup Artist

  28. Photographer

  29. Mystery Shopper

  30. Flaunt Your Knowledge as a Tutor

  31. Earn a Great Commission with Sponsorship Sales

  32. Get Paid to Plan Parties as an Event Planner

  33. Temporarily Rent Out a Room On AirBnB

  34. Make Money by Referring People to Products and Companies You Love with Affiliate Marketing

  35. Make Money Blogging (How to Start a Blog)

    1. Sell products

    2. Display advertising

    3. Affiliate marketing

    4. Sponsorships

  36. Mix Drinks on the Side as a Bartender

  37. Get Your Neat Freak On and Get Paid to Clean Houses

  38. Be a Professional Organizer

  39. Groom Pets

  40. Work as Wait Staff During Events (caterer)

  41. Barista

  42. Put Your Sewing Machine to Good Use as a Seamstress

  43. Flip and Restore Furniture

  44. Pet Trainer

  45. Get Paid to Exercise as a Fitness Instructor

  46. Substitute Teach

  47. Create and Sell Courses Online

  48. Coach People on Whatever You’re Good At

  49. Teach a Community Course

  50. Sell Your Clothes on Threadup

  51. Work for Your Apartment Complex and Get a Discount on Rent

  52. Handyman

  53. Work Security on a Movie Set

  54. Bake Sweet Treats on the Side (cakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc.)

  55. Start a Water/Lemonade Stand on a Hot day

  56. Have a Garage Sale, Bring in Even More Customers by Organizing a Neighborhood Garage Sale

  57. Work as a Studio Assistant

  58. Laundress - Get Paid to Do Laundry

  59. Pick Up a Dishwashing Shift at a Local Restaurant

  60. Do Yard Work (shovel snow, rake leaves, weed gardens, cut grass)

  61. Become a Bike messenger

  62. Teach People How to Play a Musical Instrument

  63. Get Hired to Play Music at events

  64. Do Other People’s Hair as a Professional Hair Stylist

  65. Interior Painter

  66. Have a Great Eye? Be an Interior Designer/Consultant

  67. Sell Stuff Locally Using Apps (Letgo/Craigslist)

  68. Rent Out a Room Long Term

  69. Rent Out Your Stuff

  70. Put Together Other People’s Furniture

  71. Do Tasks as a Taskrabbit

  72. Return Recyclable Glass and Aluminum Bottles/Cans

  73. Sell candy/Candy Machines

  74. Breed and Sell Birds (like finches) to Pet Stores

  75. Wash and/or Detail cars

  76. Whip People into Shape as a Personal Trainer

  77. Dance Teacher

  78. Clean Up Dog Owner’s Yards as a Pooper Scooper

  79. Babysit

  80. Paint Houses

  81. Participate in Research Studies

  82. Be Part of a Mock Jury

  83. Become a Theater Usher and Watch Plays for Free

  84. Sell Unused Gift Cards

  85. Earn Cashback with apps (iBotta, checkout 51,eBates)

  86. Social Media Manager

  87. Lose Weight and Make a Bet About it with HealthyWage

  88. Do Odd Jobs from Craigslist

  89. Helps with Estate Sales

  90. Work Overtime at Your Current Job

  91. Flip Houses

  92. Use Earny or Paribus to Get Money Back on Purchases

  93. Teach English as a Second Language Online

  94. Help People Plan Their Trips as a Travel Planner

  95. Rent Out Your Clothes

  96. Rent Out Your Car

  97. Sell Your Old Technology (tablets, computers, cameras)

  98. Change Bank Accounts and Get a Bonus (I Use and Love Chime)

  99. Refinance Private Loans (I Refinanced My Bar Loan with SoFi)

  100. Work as a Freelance Editor

  101. Get Paid for Your Muscle as a Freelance Mover

Learn More About Side Gigs - Register for the FREE Side Gig Summit!

25+ Experts Share Their Personal Stories and Secrets to Success with a Side Gig

Side Gigs Covered in the Summit:

  • Brand Ambassador
  • Dog Walking
  • House Sitting
  • Ride Share Driving
  • Selling on eBay
  • Referee
  • Makeup Artis
  • Photographer
  • Mystery Shopping
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest VA
  • Graphic Design
  • Event Planning
  • Sponsorship Sales
  • Tutoring
  • Bookkeeping
  • AirBnB Hosting
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Bartending
  • Making Money with Fiverr
  • Freelance Writing
  • PostMates

Also Learn How to Manage Your Extra Money (especially come tax time)

5 Side Gigs to Avoid

While it is possible to make money with multi-level marketing programs, it's hard and requires quite the investment on your part. If you don't sell the items you could end up with a lot of product on your hands and money out of pocket, for this reason I'd generally recommend you avoid (though there are of course exceptions to every rule):

  1. LulaRoe
  2. Jamnails
  3. Herbalife
  4. Lipsense
  5. Pampered Chef
Looking to start making extra money on the side? Check out this list of 130+ ways to make extra money on the side and get started with a side gig or side hustle!
Looking to start making extra money on the side? Check out this list of 130+ ways to make money on the side and get started with a side gig or side hustle!
Looking to start making extra money on the side? Check out this list of 130+ ways to make money on the side and get started with a side gig or side hustle!
Looking to start making extra money on the side? Check out this list of 130+ ways to make money on the side and get started with a side gig or side hustle!
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