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13 Free & Paid Blogging Courses You NEED to Take

There is a lot to learn when it comes to blogging, from getting set up, creating content, promotion, social media, email marketing, the list never seems to end. Blogging courses can help you to shorten the learning curve.

But figuring out which course to take that will ensure you actually learn something and that the course is worth the investment of your time and or money can be tough.

Below are the best blogging courses I’ve taken (though I’ve taken far more courses than are listed below), they were well worth my time and in the case of the paid blogging courses, well worth my money.

Just so you know, this post may contain affiliate links. Meaning I receive commissions for purchases made through those links, at no cost to you. Please understand that I have experience with all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. You can read my disclosure policy for more info.

If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

✅ These legal templates are a must for any blogger to protect their business. And this course is the best for growing your blog into a business.

Free Blogging Courses to Start with:

The following courses do not cost any money but will help you to get up and running. It will also help you better understand the basics of all those blogging concepts you hear about and dive deeper into in other courses.

1. How to Start A Blog: From Idea to First Blog Post

When I started a blog I used someones tutorial on how to start blog. And it got me from having no blog to having one set up. However, the tutorial didn’t really explain why I was doing what I was doing to get things set up. I didn’t understand what the steps taken were actually doing. It also didn’t tell me anything about what to do once I was “set up”

This meant that when it came time to move my blog or website from one hosting service to another I have no clue what needed to be done or what was involved.

Now that I’ve started several sites and moved them around, I do know what’s going on. So when I decided to create my own free “how to start a blog” tutorial. I wanted to make sure include explanations on why everything was the way it was. So you could really understand and have full control of your blog and website.

If you’re wanting to start a blog but don’t know where to start and are left with more questions than answers after reading other “start a blog” tutorials then, sign up for my free course, Start a Blog: From Idea to First Post.

2. Grayson Bell’s WordPress Course

Now, my course tells you what to do to get set up with WordPress and why you do what you do to get set up. However, I’d be lying if I said that WordPress didn’t have a bit of a learning curve. And rather than create my own sort of WordPress orientation course and recreating the wheel, I figured I’d just share Grayson’s from iMarkInteractive’s course.

Grayson is a WordPress Guru. If you’re in any blogging related Facebook Group chances are you’ve seen his name thrown around.

He is awesome and decided to be extra awesome by creating a FREE WordPress course to help you get over the hump of learning WordPress.

I wish this course had been around when I’d started my blog. Because I kid you not it took me 6 MONTHS to figure out how to do a drop down menu. Turns out all you had to do was drag the menu item to the right. SIX. FRIGGIN. MONTHS.

So get yourself used to WordPress without headaches, do yourself a favor and just go ahead and sign up for Grayson Bell’s free WordPress course at iMarkInteractive.

Paid Foundational Blogging Courses For Once Your Blog is Set Up

Now if you have some money to invest in courses then I definitely recommend you do. I’ve taken all the courses below and highly recommend them. I’ve actually taken even more courses and while I did learn something from each of them, the ones below I felt gave me the most bang for my buck with the highest return on investment.

3. Elite Blog Academy

Elite Blog Academy is a game changer, but it is not for the faint of heart. You’ve got to be committed.

I signed up for the 2017 version which I got access to in late February 2017 and I didn’t finish the course until late December 2017. Yes, it took me almost a year to complete this course.

Now part of the reason it took me so long was because I’ve been blogging for a while which meant I had to go back and fix a lot of things I’ve messed up based on what I was learning in the course.

Elite Blog Academy walks you through step-by-step everything you need to do to ensure your blog is a success. While it’s not a technical technical course on how to set up a blog, it is walking you through setting up all the elements you need for a successful blog. It ensures  sure you have a solid foundation of content and design as well as strategies in place to grow your list and your traffic.

Elite Blog Academy then goes over monetizing your site with ads, products, affiliate marketing, and a few other methods as well. It even includes how to grow your business, that is your blog.

It is an entire blogging course that covers every aspect of blogging. Frankly, I don’t know where I’d be right now had I not taken it.

My Elite Blog Academy Results

When I started Elite Blog Academy I had around 700 email subscribers, but I’ve more than quadrupled that in a year. I also 10x my traffic in 2017. Lastly, I now have a regular income from blogging every month, I cannot recommend this course enough.

Now as I said before it is not for the faint of heart and the cost reflects the value it provides. To learn more about it, check out my full review of the course.

And remember, it’s also only open once a year, to find out when it is open you can sign up for the waitlist and start saving money while you wait.

In the meantime you can go grab the free eBook, 7 Surefire ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight.

Note: Elite Blog Academy is getting updated for 2019, Elite Blog Academy 4.0 will be released in March 2019. Which means yes, I’ll be going through the course again and I highly recommend you sign up when it comes available. Join the waitlist here.

Buying tip: While the course only goes on sale publicly once a year, they do typically run a private sale to those on their email list at least one other time during the year. So if you want to join it sooner rather than later, join the waitlist.

4. Blog to Biz Hive

Similar to Elite Blog Academy Blog to Biz Hive is a foundational course, the difference is it’s big focus is building a blog with the purpose of launching a course as a product.

Elite Blog Academy just focuses on launching a product, it doesn’t have to be a course.

I’d recommend taking either Elite Blog Academy or Blog to Biz Hive, but both is definitely not necessary – a lot of the content will overlap.

The course does cover a lot of ground and usually includes some great bonuses when it goes on sale. Because of how much it covers it also has an investment to reflect that, last I saw it was $997 or a 6 month payment plan.

5. The Blogger Breakthrough Summit (free)

The Blogger Breakthrough Summit takes place at the beginning of each year and is free to attend while it’s live. Giving you free access to each session for 24 hours after it airs.

If you want access for longer you’ll need to get a Pro Pass. To check out the 2020 summit, you can get a free preview here. To get the best deal on the Pro Pass – get it right after you sign up for the free preview.

Buying tip: Sign up for the Blogger Breakthrough Newsletter to be the first to know about the 2021 Summit and get access to the Super Early Bird Pricing.

Free & Paid Email Marketing Courses

Email marketing is a great way to connect with your audience and better yet is a channel you own, unlike Instagram or Twitter which could change their algorithms (a la Facebook) any day. These courses, some free, some paid help you to grow your email list and teaches you what to send them too.

6. Date Your List

Now I did just tell you earlier that Elite Blog Academy is an entire blogging course that covers every aspect, so why would you need to take any other courses?

Well, while Elite Blog Academy does cover everything, you may decide to dig even deeper into certain topics. Which is where these other courses come into play.

These very specific courses helped me to better implement Elite Blog Academy and I truly believe they could help you as well.

Date Your List is great for knowing what to send to your list each week. While Elite Blog Academy goes through how to grow your list and set up welcome sequences, it doesn’t really tell you what to write to your list on a weekly basis. And you do need to email your list every week, Date Your List solves the problem.

Date Your List is a quick course that is meant to be implemented in an afternoon. The course goes through how you should be approaching your list and what to email them every week.

Learn More About Date Your List

7. Love Your List/ Little List Big Profits

Love Your List by Kate Doster, has completely transformed my approach to email marketing and the results I get from it. While it’s only for sale publicly once a year, she does offer an amazing free training that is sure to help you do better at affiliate marketing.

You can sign up for the free training, Little List Big Profits here.

Paid Blogging Courses to Help Monetize Your Blog

If you’re looking to learn about blogging courses chances are you’re trying to make some money blogging. These courses help directly with earning more. One of my favorite ways to monetize is with Affiliate Marketing. I love that you set it up and it continues to make money months and years down the road.

8. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

I actually bought Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing before I bought Elite Blog Academy, but I didn’t truly implement everything from it until I was taking Elite Blog Academy.

It’s all about affiliate marketing, as you might’ve guessed. And while Ruth Soukup, the creator of Elite Blog Academy does go into affiliate marketing it’s not one of her main income strategies. Michelle from Making Sense of Cents on the other hand earns over $50,000 a month from affiliate marketing.

Michelle knows what she’s doing and she has a great course to teach you how you can start earning money with affiliate marketing.

Before I took the course I would get an affiliate sale once every blue moon, if that. Since then, I now make money from affiliate marketing every single month usually hundreds if not over a thousand dollars.

Want to learn more about the course? Check out my full review of the course.

Buying Tip: Michelle will occasionally do a sale, the maximum discount you’ll typically see is 20%, so if you see it on sale for 20% off, grab it, it’s the best price you’ll get.

9. Affiliate Marketing Video Course

I’ll be honest there is only one reason I bought this course from Matt over at MoneyLab after taking Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and that is to learn how to do Google Analytics for better tracking of my affiliate links.

Ironically, not long after I got this course I got Lasso a plugin Matt co-created, which actually automatically does this for me.

So if you want to set better affiliate marketing strategies that require data I highly recommend you get this course.

FREE & Paid Blogging Courses to Legally Protect Your Blogging Business

10. Straightforward Business Starter

This is a free course I put together, because I found a lot of people didn’t really understand what it meant to register as a corporate entity and how to do it. It was knowledge I took for granted having worked on business formations when working at a law firm.

Straightforward business starter, helps you with understanding legal entities like LLCs vs sole proprietor and what they mean in terms of protecting your personal assets.

Plus, it’s free. Check it out.

11. Cover Your Assets: The Ultimate Guide for the Legal Side of Blogging in the U.S.

This free guide, helps you to understand the legal issues that can come up when you’re blogging. That way you can better understand what actions you need to take to protect your blogging business.

Check out the free guide, Cover Your Assets: The Ultimate Guide for the Legal Side of Blogging in the U.S. here.

12. Website Legal Templates

These are paid templates, written by an attorney and includes a privacy policy, terms and conditions, and disclosures/disclaimers. Things that really every website needs.

Where they stand out a little bit is:

  • A. they’re affordable for people that can’t yet afford to hire an attorney.
  • And B. they’re super simple:

The way it works is you just fill out a form and then it will pre-populate your information into the template. After you watch an explainer video that is may be 10 minutes long. It goes through and explains each section of the template. That way you understand it and can customize it to your needs. Because maybe you need to take something out that doesn’t apply to you. Or you just want to tweak something to match what you want the rules of your site to be. They’re awesome. You should go get them. If you don’t have a privacy policy or terms and conditions and stuff on your site, you should get them.

Get the Website Legal Templates Bundle (value=$300+) for just $167

FREE & Paid Courses to Amplify Your Blog

13. SEO BootCamp

SEO Bootcamp, so this one I actually have not taken yet. It’s by, Mike the creator of Stupid Simple SEO, which is an SEO course that I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about.

He has this free SEO Bootcamp course and as of writing this I haven’t taken it but I plan to. Because SEO can be hard and it’s one of those things I think bloggers shy away from at first.

However, it can be a great way to amplify and get consistent traffic to your site. If you can find your site in favor of the Google gods, traffic abounds. So check out SEO Bootcamp, it’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

14. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

When I bought Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, I’ll admit I didn’t have super high hopes, I’d bought a lot of Pinterest courses and strategies and ebooks in the past and while I’d learned a lot I hadn’t actually seen a big increase in my traffic to my blog.

In the month after taking this course traffic to my blog increased by over 40%. Which is why this is the only paid Pinterest course I’m recommending here. Though make no mistake, you do have to do the work. If you are willing to put in the time and do the work, this is a great course.

Paid Courses to Help Sell Your Digital Products

15. Webinar Rockstar

I’ve been a long time follower of Mariah Coz the mastermind behind Webinar Rockstar, in fact the first course I ever bought to learn more about blogging was from her back in 2015. She and her course helped me to learn a lot of the basics.

At the end of 2018 I once again invested in one of her courses, Webinar Rockstar.

Mariah is a Rockstar when it comes to webinars, I know because I’ve bought many a product from her webinars. Webinar Rockstar helps you to earn money with webinars. Simple enough, until you realize you need to send multiple emails, set up various pages, and then there are partner webinars – which are a whole different ball game.

Mariah give you everything and I mean everything you need to run a webinar in a week. From templates, to swipe copy, to webinar presentation slides that help you to teach and pitch.

With my first webinar I made nearly $300. It’s not open for enrollment at the moment but you can sign up for her list to learn more.

Bottom Line on Blogging Courses

There is a lot to learn when it comes to blogging and even more to learn if you hope to earn some income from your blog. I definitely recommend taking advantage of free blogging courses and resources to start, but once you can afford to invest in other blogging courses, you should.

They are paid courses for a reason, they are extremely valuable and will provide you with a return on your investment, but only if you’re willing to put in the work.

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  1. Very informative post, I appreciate you taking the time to provide a free course for us as well. There’s many courses out there that cost $200 – $1000 that most beginners don’t need and they’d be better off using that to grow their following instead. Keep up the good work.


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