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BBP 011: Announcing Birthday Month Bonuses

Resources Mentioned:

  • Sign up for the Birthday Month Bonuses here: elizabethstapleton.com/birthdaybonuses


Welcome to the Blogger Breakthrough Podcast, I’m your host, Liz Stapleton from ElizabethStapleton.com and founder of the Blogger Breakthrough Summit. In today’s episode I’m super excited to be announcing Birthday Month Bonuses. 

What are Birthday Month Bonuses?

Well, September is my Birthday month, on the 13th to be exact, so everyday leading up to my birthday I’m going to send an email out to my list with a freebie. A resource, guide, PDF, a tool, something free that will help them blog better. Each of these is a Birthday Month Bonus. 

How Do I Sign Up To Be On The List?

Just go to Elizabethstapleton.com/birthdaybonuses

A Preview of What You’re Getting

Because you’re awesome and listening to this episode I wanted to give you a little heads up on what you can expect to get as bonuses this month, here is just a sampling:

  • Affiliate disclosure swipe copy (I usually sell this for $19)
  • 10 Pin Templates
  • Perfect Pinterest Profile Checklist
  • 33 Stock photos -because yup, I’m turning 33. 

Plus so much more, so if you want to get all that goodness – be sure to sign up, just go to elizabethstapleton.com/birthdaybonuses

Wrap Up

With that I’m going to sign off, I hope you’ll join me next time when I’m going to be doing a quick check to help you figure out if your blog is legally protected!

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