Attention Non-EU Based Bloggers!

GDPR Compliance is Important, but it isn't as hard as you think...

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    GDPR rocked the blogging world in May 2018 when everyone started freaking out about being compliant, yourself probably included.
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    You probably  worried about your ability to grow an email list under the new EU based law.
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    An email list is supposed to be clutch for bloggers and everyone recommended growing your list with freebies - under GDPR can you still use that tactic?

Hi, I'm Liz. 

If you're still not sure if your blog is compliant...
If you worry about growing your list...
If you don't know where to start...
Then you've come to the right place.

While GDPR has changed the game a lot when it comes to blogging, the truth is it's changed it for the better.

You may need to change how you grow your list, but you can still grow a greatly engaged list...

Some might even say a better list, because GDPR requires you to be more transparent, honest, and open. Anyone not doing those things is going to seem shady, helping you rise to the top.

A Compliant Privacy Policy is the first step...

If you didn't have a privacy policy before GDPR, you definitely need one now. If you did have a Privacy Policy before GDPR, chances are it didn't include everything GDPR now requires.

Keep in mind: GDPR is about letting people know what data you're collecting, how you're using it, and about giving them the chance to control who can collect their data. 

Your Privacy Policy is where you spell it out to your readers what tools you're using, what personal information they (& you) collect and how they can avoid having that information collected or deleted if they so choose.

Getting Consent From Your Current Email List is Necessary

If you've already got an email list, then you must make sure you can demonstrate that those on your list consent to receive the emails you send.

If they signed up for a freebie, that does NOT mean they consent to get a newsletter or sales email from you.

So you need to get consent from your current list!

Double Opt-In May Not Demonstrate Consent...

Moving forward when growing your email list, double opt-in may not qualify as consent under GDPR.

But it depends...

For example, if they have to confirm their email in order to receive their freebie, then that is conditional consent which is not allowed under GDPR...

But you can still grow your list with freebies - you just have to do it the right way...

Either give them the chance to get the freebie without consenting to be on your list (not ideal) 


reframe your offer.

The 3 Most Important GDPR Compliance Tasks for Bloggers:

While every blogger's business is different and may require more or less work to comply, every blogger should at the very least:

Update Your Privacy Policy

Get Consent From Your Current Email List

Make Sure You Get Consent Right Away From New Subscribers

There is a lot of conflicting information out there...

When everything GDPR was going down in May 2018, there were a ton of webinars and blog posts telling bloggers what they needed to do to be compliant...

Some where by bloggers who hadn't read the law in it's entirety...

Some featured lawyers that didn't know a whole lot about blogging....

It's not that what they were saying was wrong, it's just it wasn't wholly right either.

I had to do something...

Because GDPR is too important for people to rely on incomplete information.

So I created a FREE & COMPLETE GDPR Guide to help non-EU based bloggers. 

And while it provided a ton of information to help bloggers understand GDPR, some bloggers were still struggling to implement everything necessary to get their blog in shape... 

So I Took it a Step Further

GDPR Step By Step - Implement GDPR Compliance Fast!

GDPR Step by Step is perfect for people struggling to get their site GDPR compliant. .

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    Make Your Site GDPR Compliant: Get your Privacy Policy and Cookie Banner in place.
  • 2
    Generate Compliant Email Subscribers The Right Way: Learn how to adapt common list building strategies to be GDPR Compliant.
  • 3
    Start properly marketing to your current email list: Market to your email list knowing you're doing it right.

What People Are Saying

I was able to get my site GDPR-compliant within two hours.

“This was super helpful! I especially like the drag-and-drop templates for the GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy and emails asking my existing EU subscribers for consent.

I was able to get my site GDPR-compliant within two hours, including time spent watching the videos."

Lindsay VanSomeren 

"her GDPR Step by Step videos clearly explained the Must Know information for me to build compliance into my site from the beginning"

"Liz Stapleton's GDPR for Non-EU Based Bloggers: The Definitive Guide came at a perfect time for me. As a newcomer to the blogging world, I was intimidated by the idea of making my site GDPR compliant. Her Guide along with her GDPR Step by Step videos clearly explained the Must Know information for me to build compliance into my site from the beginning. Liz presents information in easily digestible chunks that are enjoyable to read and view.

As a result of working through her products, my concerns about GDPR are greatly reduced and I'm feeling confident about my site complying with the requirements."

Michelle O'Reardon

Get it now!

Save yourself time and headaches, grab GDPR Step By Step and implement GDPR compliance by the end of the day!


Elizabeth Stapleton

Creator of GDPR Step By Step

About the Author

Elizabeth Stapleton is the founder and voice behind Less Debt More Wine and She is a Pinterest Marketer, online entrepreneur, and recovering attorney who has presented on legal issues of blogging at FinCon - a financial media conference.

Her writing has been featured on, The Huffington Post, The Penny Hoarder, Budgets Are Sexy, Credit Sesame, and Magnify Money. Additionally, she has been quoted in articles on Business Insider, Student Loan Hero, and Nerd Wallet.

You Can Read the free guide and spend hours if not days figuring out implementation on your own...

Or you can grab GDPR Step by Step and implement by the end of the day, being confident in the actions you've taken.

With GDPR Step by step

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    Quickly implement with drag and drop templates
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    Understand what actions you need to take
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    Learn from an expert

Without gdpr step by step

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    Stress about coming up with the necessary language for compliance in your legal pages on your own
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    Wonder if you did enough
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    Spend hours or even days going through everything to make sure you've covered your bases

What you get:

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    Templates: Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions
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    Email Swipe Copy to Get Consent From Your Current List
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    Video Tech Tutorials
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    ​7 Video Lessons
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    ​8 Ways to Grow Your Email List Under GDPR
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    Cookie Policy Language


P.S.: Save yourself time, stress, and frustration, grab GDPR Step by Step!


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