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Feeling Overwhelmed with Pinterest's Demand for "FRESH PINS"?

What if you could create 50 branded Pins in 5 minutes? Without ever Having to Open Canva...

As a Pinterest Manager for Multiple Clients it's the Only way I can get everything done

When Covid-19 hit, my working hours went way down (hello 100% child care all the time). 

But with the Pin Generator, I was still able to keep up with all my client work, even the tedious task of creating Pins.

Customize Your Templates ONCE And Then Use Them Over And Over Again, Quickly & Easily.​

Spend less time creating Pins. See More Results.


Pinterest has said over and over again that it wants "fresh pins" but you have a blogging to-do list a mile long, so who really has time to create tons of new pins 1 by 1? With your generator you can create multiple pins in minutes.​


How amazing would it be to instantly have 50 Pins all with your post title or alternative titles to choose from? Already with your favorite images and brand colors? Then just pick and choose the ones that look best. With your own Pin Generator that is the reality.

Skip Canva Pro

Creating tons of Pins without ever having to open Canva is possible. The Pin Generator in a Box Has You Using Google Slides which is 100% Free, and will speed up your Pin creation 5x.

Don’t waste another minute being overwhelmed, stuck in a rut, and struggling to keep up with Pinterest.

Instead of spending hours creating pins for Pinterest, do it in minutes. Instead of paying for Tailwind just for your queue to sit there empty, fill it up for weeks at a time.


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The Truth is that...

Pinterest Prioritizes New Pins

Pinterest has said over an over again they want new pins, but that doesn’t mean you have to put out a new blog post everyday. You just need to create new Pins for your old content.

You Need to Create Mulitple Pins For Every Peace of Content

You never know what is going to do the best on Pinterest, while you can certainly get an idea of what is likely to work, a tweak to a title may mean all the difference, you won’t know until you start putting out lots of pins for each peace of content. 

INTRODUCING Pin generator in a Box!



50 Pin Templates

Prepped (Just customize your brand colors and fonts) and ready for some Generator Magic

The Spreadsheet that Drives Your Generator

Fill in the titles of the pins you want to generate

Step by Step video tutorial

I show you, step by step, how to connect your Spreadsheet and Pin Templates to create your generator. (it only takes 15 minutes)

Start Creating 50+ Pins in Just 5 Minutes

When you started blogging you had no idea how much work it would be, and these days Pinterest has gotten more time consuming with their demand for “fresh pins”. With the Pin Generator in a Box you can create all your Pin images in minutes instead of hours and get back to living your life. Because blogging was supposed to provide you with a more flexible life not take up all. your. time.

Did Someone Say Bonuses?

BONUS #1 Pinterest Customize to Monetize
(VALUED AT $197)

A course designed to help you build out your Pinterest Strategy to reach YOUR goals.

BONUS #2 - 1 Template Transfer (VALUED AT $15)

Have a template that you love in Canva or whatever you’re using to create pins? I’ll recreate it in Google Slides just for you.

BONUS #3 Bonus Lesson (VALUED AT $47)

A bonus lesson on how to recreate templates in Google Slides


No, this system works with Google Slides, so you may need to re-create your templates in Google Slides, but it’s a one and done process (plus as a bonus I’ll do one of them for you).

Not to mention if the recommended Pin size ever changes (remember when Giraffe Pins were the go to?), you can change the size of your Google Slide Templates easily, unlike Canva where the templates only work on the size they were created at.

You may also find you love the templates included even more than the ones you have in Canva.

Nope! This system uses completely free tools to create your very own Pin Generator.

I’ve got you covered, as a bonus I’m including my Pinterest Customize to Monetize course, which helps cover strategy for those new to using Pinterest for marketing their blog.

I took those photos and own them and I’m saying here and now you are welcome to use them in your pins. So if they work for you, go for it, I’m all about saving time.

Yup, Pin Generator in a Box comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. You will have your very own Pin Generating system set up and running in less than 30 minutes, and you’ll wonder why you ever spent so much time creating Pin images before. If at any time within 7 days of buying Pin Generator in a Box you aren’t completely thrilled, just let us know via email ( and we’ll give you a complete refund. Absolutely no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove, and absolutely no questions asked. Simply send the email and we’ll get your refund issued straight away.

Pin Generator in a Box Includes:

  1. 50+ Pin Templates ready to go for your generator ($39 Value)
  2. The spreadsheet that drives your generator. ($19 value)
  3. Step by step instruction video on how to set up your Pin Generator ($19 value)

Plus Bonuses:

  1. Pinterest Customize to Monetize – a course to help you come up with a Pinterest Strategy to reach your goals ($197 value)
  2. 1 Template transfer ($15 value)
  3. Bonus Lesson on How to re-Create Templates in Google Slides ($47 value)

Total Value = $336

Just hit that “Buy Now” Button to get started!

What others are saying...

WHOA. Thank you sooo much for this! This is exactly what I needed since I just started blogging and have been struggling with coming up with multiple designs for my posts. I really appreciate this!
It is a time-saver. You can easily have lots of pins ready in a short amount of time without much fuss.
Jessica Danielle
This is so helpful. Before, I had analysis paralysis when it came to coming up with images. That is gone now.
Quincey Adams
Lilies And Tomatoes

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Pinterest is taking off like gangbusters. Since I started implementing what you told me, I have gone from 379 monthly impressions to 15k monthly impressions - in less than two weeks!
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Amanda Page
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Ben Drew
The Wired Runner


Get back hours of your time, by setting up the Pin Generator in a Box in just 15 minutes!

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