The Best Tools for Blogging & Starting a Business

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Blogging & Self-Employment: Getting You From Clueless to Confident

With a legal background in business formation and over three years of blogging experience, Liz and this site are here to answer all those questions that pop up when you are getting started. Because deciding to start a blog or business is the easy part. Actually implementing all your ideas is where the rubber hits the road. 

What Can I Help You With?

Whether it's setting up your site, negotiating a contract, or just figuring out what you should charge, I've got some great content for you. Get started now!

All Things Blogging

Thinking about starting a blog? But not sure where to start, what's involved, or if what you're doing is right?           

Work For Yourself

At the very least you want to make some extra money on the side working for yourself, you may want to go full-time someday.

FREE List Building Course

Need some help getting your email list off the ground? Enroll in this free course, that walks you through setting up your email list, getting your first subscribers, and gaining new ones on autopilot.

Get Some Help

There is so much to do when running a blog or business, let me help you with creating content, marketing on Pinterest, or with some Thrive Themes solutions.                            

The question isn't who is going to let me, it's who is going to stop me.” -Ayn Rand

Pinterest can be great for growing your blog and email list 

My goal is to help you grow your online presence through Pinterest. The type of work I do depends on your goals for the platform. If you are looking to grow your traffic I can help you with scheduling and applying to group boards. If you are looking to grow your email list then I can help by creating images designed to showcase your opt-ins.

Thrive Themes Helps You To Create Beautiful Websites That Convert

But as with any tool there can be a learning curve, skip the frustration of setting up and learning yet another tool, hire a Thrive Themes Solution's Consultant 

What Other's Say


I hired Liz as a freelance writer for my blog, Working with her couldn’t have been easier. She came up with ideas for topics and I just chose from her list. She was always on time and her writing is of very high quality. I definitely recommend working with her. You won’t be disappointed.

Craig Mathias

Create My Independence


Liz is a Thrive Wizard! Before I worked with Liz, I only had one opt-in form because they were so time-consuming to make using the plugin I had. I started working with Liz and, within hours, she had created 3 new opt-in forms with 3 different lead generation points (pop ups, ribbons, in-content). Not only did Liz get more eyes on my sign up forms, but I am now also able to segment sign ups based on the opt-in form viewers used - something I wasn't able to do before working with Liz! Finally, working with Liz has made me more confident to create more amazing content for readers, because now I have templates for any additional opt-in forms I want to make. Talent + creativity + clarity = Liz

Melissa B.


I was completely overwhelmed with options and information. After only one coaching session with Liz, I was able to narrow my options and finally take action. I highly recommend her services! 

Stephanie Williams

Freelance Writer

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Take advantage of these free courses to help ensure you start off on the right foot. Enroll today!

Elizabeth Stapleton

Elizabeth Stapleton is the founder and voice behind Less Debt, More Wine and She is a freelance writer, online entrepreneur, and recovering attorney whose writing has been featured on, The Huffington Post, The Penny Hoarder, Budgets Are Sexy, Credit Sesame, and Magnify Money. Additionally, she has been quoted in articles on Business Insider, Student Loan Hero, and Nerd Wallet.

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