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Hi! I'm Liz Stapleton and I'm here to help you grow your passion project by showing you the steps to properly protect and market your business so you can earn more money.

Jason - My Money Chronicles

I started doing things I didn't even know were possible in Pinterest


I started doing things I didn't even know were possible in Pinterest and I definitely saw an uptick in numbers with that...

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  • Starting a Business and Need Help with Legal Entities?
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  • Unsure, What Policies You Should Have On Your Blog/Website?

10 Things You Need On Your "Legal Page"

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Lindsay VanSomeren

I was able to get my site GDPR-compliant within two hours


This was super helpful! I especially like the drag-and-drop templates for the GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy and emails asking my existing EU subscribers for consent.

I was able to get my site GDPR-compliant within two hours, including time spent watching the videos.

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Ben - The Wired Runner

I went from 0 to over 50 clicks a day, which was a huge leap!


I wanted to build up my Pinterest profile for my website. I did a google search ...yours was the top ranking one on Google, I said if she knows enough about SEO to rank up there, then she probably knows a lot about other internet things including Pinterest.

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(Ben now gets over 200 clicks/day)

earn a living on your terms

Paige - LastIngredient.com

I feel like you’re in it with me


It feels good, because I feel like you’re in it with me, it’s a partnership and you want to see it grow and all these good things that happen as a result of, whether it’s Pinterest or something else from the blog attracting more attention, I really appreciate that.

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My Most Used Resources

Because honesty is the best policy, if you purchase one of these resources through my link, I will receive payment at no cost to you. These are my most used and favorite resources, I use them day in and day out in my business. 

Hi! I'm Liz Stapleton.

I'm the founder and voice behind Less Debt, More Wine and ElizabethStapleton.com. I'm an online entrepreneur, blogger (since 2014) and  licensed attorney (since 2012).

I'm on a mission to help people earn more money and make sure they are protecting themselves and their businesses legally.

I'm glad you're here, if you want to learn more about my background, check out my about page.

GDPR For Non Eu-Based Bloggers: The Ultimate Guide

Michelle O'Reardon

I feel much more at ease and confident


Liz Stapleton's GDPR for Non-EU Based Bloggers: The Definitive Guide came at a perfect time for me. As a newcomer to the blogging world, I was intimidated by the idea of making my site GDPR compliant. Her Guide along with her GDPR Step by Step videos clearly explained the Must Know information for me to build compliance into my site from the beginning. Liz presents information in easily digestible chunks that are enjoyable to read and view.

As a result of working through her products, my concerns about GDPR are greatly reduced and I'm feeling confident about my site complying with the requirements.

Thank you, Liz.... It was a great experience, and I feel much more and ease and confident about this aspect of building my website!

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What Other's Have Said


a great decision for my business

Erik , The Mastermind Within

Working with Liz has been a great decision for my business. I hired her for optimizing my Pinterest page and pin creation, and through her work, the Pinterest referral traffic to my website has tripled and my monthly viewers on Pinterst has increased to nearly 100,000 a month - up from about 15,000 when I started with Liz.

She is a great communicator and someone I now recommend to other friends who are interested in setting up or growing their Pinterest account but don't want to do the work themselves.



Stephanie Williams , Freelance Writer

I was completely overwhelmed with options and information. After only one coaching session with Liz, I was able to narrow my options and finally take action. I highly recommend her services!


Melissa B.

Melissa , Sunburnt Saver

For the longest time, I knew what I should be doing to improve my reach and grow my email list but somehow never got around to taking action. Liz forced me to take action and helped me as I went through step by step. I’m so glad I had her kicking my butt, because she pushed me to do a giveaway, my email newsletter subs doubled and my traffic has doubled too.



Sylvia , SMI Financial Coaching

I was days away from launching a new product to grow my email list, but had technical issues in setting up my forms. I didn’t want to keep working on it and risk crashing my site, so I contacted Liz. She was a lifesaver – she knew exactly what steps needed to be done, and walked me through the changes. It was the best business decision to work with Liz.



Jamila , Journey To Launch

Liz did an amazing job helping me prepare for my first major talk. She helped me get out of my comfort zone and forced me to go through my presentation in front of her despite my objections. Liz was direct and provided honest feedback which really helped me improve my talk and gave me the confidence I needed to do my best job on stage.


Easy to Work With

Brittany - Pennies Into Pearls

I have to say that the way you have your business set up is SO easy to work with! I love it!!