I Couldn’t Do What I Do Without These Resources!

I have been working in the online space since 2014 and in all the time I’ve used a ton of different tools, these are the ones I love and use and most  of all would recommend to others.

You should also know that any resources I mention on this page that aren’t free, I have paid for, I did not and do not recommend tools and resources that I have not paid for and used. 

Honesty is the best policy, you should know….


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Best Resources for Staying Organized


Finally, a project management system that helps me keep tabs on EVERYTHING! I’m in love. I just go see what due that day and voila! I have my schedule for the day half done. It’s amazing it lets you manage different spaces (like Admin, Operations, and Sales) and different projects within that (so in Operations I have: Blog Management, Pinterest Marketing, and Email Marketing) and then in each project, you have lists, and tasks, and you can set a start date and due date for everything. I’ve tried Asana and Trello and Click Up definitely beats them both. 

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Airtable is a dream when it comes to spreadsheets. Plus I like that when necessary you can do a kanban (like Trello) or calendar view of what’s going on. Not to mention it’s free. 

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Best Time-Saving Resources


Social media is an important part of blogging, but it’s not my favorite part so I use Missinglettr. It takes my blog posts and automatically crafts social media copy and once I approve the copy, it will publish it on my social media channels.

Check Out MissingLettr


While MissingLettr is great for coming up with social media copy for blog posts and other content of yours, SocialBee is great for automatically sharing content by others and creating an evergreen queue to share things like opt-ins you offer, affiliate posts, and posts to promote your services.

Check out SocialBee


RescueTime will help you to see how productive with the time you spend on your computer by automatically tracking your time. You can also use it to set goals and block distracting websites so you can focus and get to work.

I’ve been using it for over two years and it’s helped me a ton, so that I can see when I’m being productive and when I’m not.

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Best Resources for the Legal Stuff

Best Tools & Tech Resources


I’ve used a lot of different tools to sell products in the past, but most were only designed to sell one kind of product and I would end up having to do work arounds to sell other types of products. I love Podia because it makes it easy to sell digital downloads, courses, and memberships. 

Plus it’s easy to manage affiliates and they will transfer you products over to their platform for you. While it’s newer and still in development, any time I’ve asked about something and it didn’t have it, it’s usually been a feature that was quickly added within a couple of months, plus their customer service is just outstanding!

Check Out Podia

Deadline Funnel

Deadline Funnel makes it easy to set up deadlines that actually stick. Because a deadline forces people to make a decision – to buy or not.  If you want to do a tripwire and make sure someone can’t access it again just by signing up for you list again, you’ll want to use Deadline Funnel. Though tripwires are far from the only deadlines you can create. Plus it’s super easy to use and get started, all you have to do is copy and paste a small snippet of code and you’re on your way to more sales. 

Check Out Deadline Funnel

iMark Interactive

iMarkInteractive offers WordPress virtual assistance. Not sure if an update is safe? They’ll handle that. Always forget to backup your site? They do daily back ups. They also offer use of SocialPug and WP rocket for their monthly clients. It just takes one less thing off your plate and ensures your site runs smoothly. I highly recommend using their services – and no I’m actually not an affiliate for them, just a customer that is super happy. 

Learn More About iMark Interactive

Best Blogging Courses

Elite Blog Academy

Elite Blog Academy is a foundation blogging course and it helped me to finally get my blogs organized and fix everything I’d messed up in the beginning of my blogging journey. Though it is not for the faint of heart, it took me an entire year to finish the course, but it was definitely worth it.  Check out the Full Review of the Course.

Find Out if EBA is Right For You – Take the Assesment

making sense of affiliate marketing | affiliate marketing strategies | how to make money with affiliate marketing

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of my blog’s main sources of passive income and even when I was going through a reconfiguration of my business last year I still managed to earn over $5,000 in 2018. This course taught me what I needed to know about affiliate marketing and how to do it well. 

Check Out Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

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