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7 Sites Where You Can Sell Your Art Besides Etsy

Once upon a time I had an Etsy store and I even made some sales. I sold one of my bags to someone in Paris, I felt very chic. Ultimately, I was traveling so much for my day job that trying

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Make Money on the Side with Freelance Writing

Just so you know, this post may contain affiliate links. Meaning I receive commissions for purchases made through those links, at no cost to you. Please understand that I have experience

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2019 Reader Survey

Every year I like to reach out and ask how I can best serve you and I do this with a quick survey. Wait! Before you bounce as a thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey, everyone that completes

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Why I Switched from Leadpages to Thrive Themes Membership

In this post, I’m going to explain, why I ended up switching from Leadpages and moving to a Thrive Themes Membership. Chances are you’ve heard of Leadpages it seems like everyone under the

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Side Gig Series: The Best and Worst of Working Retail

Ah retail, whether it was your first job, your summer job in college, or your side hustle, retail has a lot of pros and cons. If you have ever worked retail, then you know this. If not I’m

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How to Keep and Convert More Readers on Your Blog

Bloggers love getting people on their site, but what they love more is keeping them there and better yet getting them to take action….Whether that’s signing up for their newsletter….Sharing

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How to Setup and Make Money with a Tripwire

I’m sure you’ll agree that both growing your email list and making money are important aspects of blogging as a business. But you maybe also thought you had to do one and then the other….. You had

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How To Exponentially Grow Your Email List FAST

As I’m sure you’ve heard from pretty much everyone in the blogging space, your email list is super important. Because you own your email list, unlike social media platforms where if

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The Importance of Protecting Your Blog or Online Business

Every time I hear or see someone say something not quite right about the legal side of blogging I cringe. After enough cringing, I decided I needed to do something about it because there was just way too

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How to Craft the Perfect Pin for Pinterest SEO

Pinterest is not social media. Surprised? No? Then you probably know that Pinterest is a search engine. Which means it can be a great source of organic traffic.  But SEO which stands for search engine

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