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How to Become a Full-Time Pinterest Manager (Become A Pinterest VA Review)

If the idea of getting paid to hang out on Pinterest appeals to you, then hold onto your hat… Because in this post I’m going to break down how I became a Full-Time Pinterest Manager and how you can

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The Two Essential Things You Need to Legally Protect Your Blog

I’m sure you’ll agree that you didn’t get into blogging because you wanted to deal with a whole bunch of legal issues…. But unfortunately, there is some legal stuff you’ve got to take care of

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The Difference a Solid Pinterest Foundation Can Make

I’m sure you’ll agree there is no shortage of blog posts out there on how to market your blog or business (or both) on Pinterest. A lot of them talk about pinning strategies and using Tailwind because

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8 Great Free Resources for Freelancers and Business Owners

I’m sure you’ll agree that the interwebs is swimming with free content.But the reality is that some of it is great and the rest really is not. So how do you know what’s worth your time?In today’s

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Grammarly Review (2019) – The Free vs Paid Version

Just so you know, this post may contain affiliate links. Meaning I receive commissions for purchases made through those links, at no cost to you. Please understand that I have experience with all

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How to Build Your Blog in 5 Days

If you’ve been around the interwebs for a while, then you know blogging can be a great hobby or better yet a great way to earn more money. But it can definitely have a learning curve.I talk to people

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The Juice Was Worth The Squeeze – The Best Risk I Ever Took

When I started blogging in 2014 I didn’t know what I was getting into. But ultimately it was something I fell in love with doing, so nearly five years later I’m still here.I love blogging, but I’ll

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How to Apply to 50 Group Boards in 1 Hour

Group boards on Pinterest can be a great way to expand your reach, however, not all group boards are created equally. Ideally you only want to be applying and pinning to group boards that are

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Elite Blog Academy – A Complete Review

If you’re here, then chances are it’s because you’re considering investing in Elite Blog Academy. In which case I commend you on doing your due diligence to check various reviews.Most Elite Blog

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4 Reasons Why You Need an Email List

What is an Email List? An email list essential to helping you grow your online business because it gives you a direct line of communication to your audience. But what is an email list? An email list is

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