Hey Boss! Welcome to my site, on this page you’ll get to know a little more about me as well as a little more about what you can expect from the site. I’m glad you’re here!

About Liz Stapleton:

The Short “Professional” Version:

Liz Stapleton is a lawyer and blogger. A licensed attorney since 2012, and a blogger since 2014, she has spoken at both virtual and in-person conferences, on the importance of legally protecting your blog and business. She is the founder and voice behind Less Debt, More Wine – a personal finance site, and ElizabethStapleton.com, where she helps readers do more in less time as well as understand the legal side of blogging. Her writing has been featured on Entrepreneur.com, The Huffington Post, The Penny Hoarder, Budgets Are Sexy, Credit Sesame, and Magnify Money, just to name a few. She has been quoted in articles on Business Insider, Student Loan Hero, and Nerd Wallet.

The Money Lover Behind the Site:

Me on my first International solo trip – I went to Iceland in 2018
On my second solo international trip – I went to London in 2019

I’m Liz, and the pic to the left is of me on my way to the Eyrie (for you Game of Thrones fans) otherwise known as Pingvellir, Iceland. And on the right is me in front of Royal Albert Hall in London.

Nearly three years into self-employment, I finally started giving myself much needed breaks with a vacation starting in 2018. But let me back things up a bit….

I stumbled into blogging one late July night in 2014. I had started to work on improving my personal finances and after reading a million personal finance blogs, I figured I should start my own to hold myself accountable to paying off debt.

It worked! I paid off over $6,000 of credit card debt in just six months. Thankfully, my $250,000 of student loan debt (more on this in a minute) means that blog will continue to have a long lifespan. (If you want to check it out, it’s called Less Debt, More Wine)

In 2016, I started freelance writing on the side to help me earn some extra money, because as I’ve just mentioned, I have a lot of debt. ElizabethStapleton.com started as my home on the web for my freelance writing services. But as with most things in life, it’s evolved over time.

Helping Bloggers With The Legal Stuff

Now, back to that bit about $250,000 of debt – most of my debt comes from law school (yup, I’m a lawyer) and wouldn’t you know my passions collided. Eventually, I started talking about the legal side of blogging – to help bloggers understand that while the legal stuff is important, it doesn’t need to be scary or hard.

I started speaking on the topic at conferences and virtual summits. Mind you this was while I was transitioning away from being a freelance writer to Pinterest marketing and running two blogs.

I was BUSY.

I can’t say I was or am always perfect at finding time to get everything done and juggle the various responsibilities of running two sites while also keeping up with freelance work, but I can say I’ve learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work.

Helping Bloggers Save Time So They Can Breakthrough Plateaus

Which is why on this site, in addition to learning about legal stuff you’ll also learn about how to run your blog more efficiently and productively so that you can break through to that next level of blogging.

Because I get it, you’ve been stuck at the same level for a while and know that if you move to keep moving your blog in the right direction you’re going to have to start doing something different….

The problem is you don’t have the time to figure out what to do differently not to mention, the time to actually do more things.

I’m here to help you learn, systemize, and cut down on the unnecessary so you can reach your blogging goals.

What I focus on helps cuts out a lot of busy work and only focuses on what is going to matter for a specific goal. It gets you more results and gives you back time. And on elizabethstapleton.com I help you to figure it out.

Random Facts About Liz:

  • I’ve driven across the (USA) country at least six times, at this moment there are only two states I haven’t been to: Hawaii, and North Dakota (I finally checked off Montana when I moved cross country (again) in 2019).
  • I am an award winning painter – or I was as a teenager. Yup, this girl won best of show (multiple times) at the county fair, and got 4th in the state fair best of show competition.
  • I have a dog named Lucy (who oftentimes thinks she is a cat) and a cat named Doug (who oftentimes thinks he’s a dog). See pic of said weird animals below.
  • I graduated from college at 20 and started law school a few weeks shy of 21 – I would not recommend going to law school before you can legally drink.
  • I “ran” a marathon for my 26th birthday #basic
  • The only place I’ve ever been kicked out of was the United States Supreme Court – in high school, I attended a leadership conference in D.C., our group got kicked out of the Supreme Court for being loud (we were excited nerds). We were later allowed back in but we missed the tour. I later made it back to take the tour when I was 27.
  • Have you ever been talking about someone and then they turn out to be right behind you? Yeah, that happened to me, with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (don’t worry my friend and I weren’t saying anything bad).
I came home to them like this #twins.

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