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The Importance of Protecting Your Blog or Online Business

Every time I hear or see someone say something not quite right about the legal side of blogging I cringe.

After enough cringing, I decided I needed to do something about it because there was just way too much false information out there.

So I started focusing on how I (a lawyer) could help educate bloggers and online business owners to understand the legal issues associated with blogging.

I started speaking in person at conferences and presenting at virtual summits, I held webinars (and still do) and the feedback was great!

However, being knowledgeable about the topic only got bloggers and business owners so far….

They needed to take action and not all of them were at the point in their business where they could afford to hire an attorney or law firm to create customized policies for their site….. (by the way if you can afford it, do it!)

That’s when I put together some legal templates to help bloggers and business owners start taking action to protect their blog and business.

And now I’m doing a giveaway so one lucky winner gets them for free! They include a:

  • Privacy Policy Template
  • Terms & Conditions Template
  • Disclosures/Disclaimers Template
  • Affiliate Terms & Conditions Template

As well as, GDPR Step by Step my course designed to help you get your site and email list GDPR compliant.

Want a chance to win? Enter the giveaway below:

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