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Bringing it All Together: The Ultimate Guide for the Legal Side of Blogging

I have written several posts on various legal topics for bloggers, I also wrote an insanely in depth guide on GDPR.

But, they were all scattered everywhere across the site. I wanted to make figuring out the legal side of blogging easier so I decided to create a comprehensive guide on the topic. I should note, that as I am U.S. Based, this guide is primarily for bloggers in the United States, though it does cover some laws that apply internationally.

It includes the content I’d previously written but also some new sections, in all it covers:

  • What You Need to Know About Disclosures and Disclaimers
  • The CCPA – What it Means for Bloggers
  • The Complete (Non-EU Based) Blogger’s Guide to GDPR
  • Understanding Trademarks and Copyright
  • What Bloggers Should Know About the Americans With Disabilities Act
  • What to Do When Your Blog Content is Stolen
  • LLCs: What They Are and How to Establish One

You can check out the full guide here. I hope it helps you better understand the legal side of blogging!

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